Working with local organizations outside of Canada

When the Foundation conducts charitable projects abroad, it does so using its own personnel, with the help of partner organizations or intermediaries.

Organizations may be located in America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Working with local or community based non profit organizations is an extremely efficient way of conducting charitable projects.

Organizations can contact us in order to determine how we can collaborate in charitable projects. We then examine whether an operational collaborations can be agreed in order to implement a charitable project.

When the Foundation works with partners, it verifies that the project has been carried out in accordance with the terms that have been agreed and in compliance with professional procedures.

Our commitments:

  • Focus on direct outcomes;
  • Control over the use of funds and activities;
  • Cap on management fees: 95% of project donations directly allocated to the charitable activities;
  • Speed and flexibility;
  • Deliver official receipt for tax purposes in Canada.

Myriad Canada manages projects in the following fields:

  • Advancement of education,
  • Poverty alleviation,
  • Health,
  • Arts,
  • Scientific research,
  • Environment etc.

Want to find out more or partner with Myriad Canada? Contact us: +1 514 481-2000