The King Baudouin Foundation

A major European and international foundation

Based in Brussels, Belgium, the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF) is one of the largest foundations in Europe and a major international foundation. Named in honour of King Baudouin, the late head of the Belgium State, it was created in 1976 with a mission to make a lasting contribution to greater justice, democracy, and respect for diversity.

KBF supports projects and individuals who are committed to creating a better society. KBF is also dedicated to strengthening the field of philanthropy by advising individuals and corporations who wish to become actively involved in the communities in which they live or operate. It promotes effective philanthropy by individuals and companies.

Its main values are integrity and transparency, pluralism and independence, respect for diversity, and the promotion of solidarity.

The offices of the King Baudouin Foundation in Brussels

Key figures:

  • Over 2,500 organizations and individuals supported annually
  • Annual budget of €44 million (CAD$66 million)
  • 2 602 volunteer experts on juries and committees
  • 685 sheltered funds, created by individuals and companies
  • 88 full-time equivalents

The King Baudouin Foundation regularly evaluates the projects it supports to determine the impacts they are making, the influence they are having, the recipients they are benefiting, and the spin-offs they are generating. These evaluations help us to fine-tune and adjust our work methods and approach.

The King Baudouin Foundation has earned the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) label of quality for its professionalism and its ongoing quest for excellence.

The King Baudouin Foundation’s international network is highly developed, with partners in numerous countries. KBF is present in Belgium, throughout Europe, and elsewhere in the world. It spearheads several initiatives in Africa, including the King Baudouin African Development Prize, and various programs in the fields of education, the fight against poverty, health, and governance in Central Africa.

KBF is a founding member of the European Foundation Center, the Network of European Foundations, the European Venture Philanthropy Association, and Transnational Giving Europe that has 18 partner countries. It is a strategic partner of the European Policy Center, one of Europe’s leading think tanks.  

Myriad US

In 2002, the King Baudouin Foundation launched KBF US who now is under the new name of Myriad USA (New York), which has been very successful. By taking the initiative to establish Myriad Canada in 2016, it confirms its decidedly international character.