Myriad Canada  (hereafter referred to as « KBF ») respects the right to privacy of its donors and commits to protecting the privacy and security of all personal information under its control.

This privacy policy sets out the standards that we apply in the collection, use, transmission, retention and disclosure of personal information regarding our donors and any other person outside Myriad Canada with whom we work. The application of this policy is subject to legal measures applicable, notably to the laws, regulations, court orders and decisions emanating from other legal entities, as well as all legitimate obligation and legal procedure.


Myriad Canada is responsible for all personal information in its possession or its control, notably the personal information that we receive from our donors. To this end, we have established certain policies and procedures destined to protect donors’ personal information.


Personal information is mainly collected for the following purposes:

  • to meet the needs of accounting and other financial requirements, such as issuing tax receipts;
  • to communicate with our partners and the people who participate in Myriad Canada projects, activities and events;
  • to implement KBF charitable projects, finance Myriad Canada events and services and promotion;
  • to answer any concerns or requests relating to Myriad Canada activities.

General information is used and communicated in the planning and delivery of services, in the general management of Myriad Canada business, notably to evaluate the efficacy of Myriad Canada programmes and campaigns, to improve donors’ experience and to contribute to the development of new programmes and new approaches. Such information is compiled and analysed in a general manner, except in instances where we have sought your specific approval for the use of data for an end that had not previously been indicated and in the case where no individual is identified then the information is not considered as personal information by virtue of this present policy.


When an individual chooses to become a Myriad Canada donor, he/she consents to Myriad Canada collecting, using and disclosing his/her personal information in accordance with this policy regarding confidentiality. In some instances, we may seek further consent when required by the law or when we judge this to be necessary or appropriate.

Each individual is free at any time to refuse or to withdraw his/her consent regarding the collection, use, or disclosure of his/her personal information by presenting a written request to Myriad Canada within a reasonable timeframe (email: Every donor has the right to refuse to submit his/her personal information to Myriad Canada; nonetheless, in certain circumstances, such a decision may prevent Myriad Canada from handling the donor’s donation.

The requirements regarding consent for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information vary according to the circumstances and type of personal information. Consent may be obtained in person, by telephone, by e-mail or via the Internet.

By supplying your personal information to Myriad Canada, you are confirming your consent to the fact that we can collect, use and disclose your personal information according to this policy and that you consent for us to do so. If you disagree with these conditions, we kindly ask you not to provide Myriad Canada with any of your personal information.

By providing your personal information to Myriad Canada, you acknowledge and accept that your personal information may be processed outside of Canada by our partners and individuals involved in Myriad Canada’s projects, activities, and events.

In the event of use or disclosure of your personal information for uses other than those set out in this policy, Myriad Canada will inform you of this before using or disclosing your personal information, unless otherwise required by the law.


Myriad Canada collects personal information that may reasonably be judged necessary in order to be able to offer its services and exercise its activities.

We may collect, use, store, or, in some cases, transmit various types of personal information, including:

  • Your last name and first name;
  • Your contact information;
  • Your financial personal information;
  • IP address, account login information, browser type and version, time zone and location, browser plug-in types and versions, platform and operating system, and other device technology you use to access this website;
  • Information on how you use our website and services;
  • Your preferences on how to receive marketing materials from us and from associated third parties, and your communication preferences.


Use and disclosure of personal information   

If Myriad Canada intends to use or disclose personal information about a person for a purpose that has not previously been indicated, it will firstly request the consent of the relevant person, unless the law demands or permits the use or disclosure of personal information without prior consent of the person concerned.

Under certain circumstances, Myriad Canada may use and disclose personal information without having the consent of the concerned parties. This is the case notably:

  • where a law, a judicial body, an administrative organisation or a government court demands this;
  • when a response is required to an emergency situation that endangers life, health or the safety of a person, including if measures are required in terms of our pandemic policies;
  • in order to prevent or detect fraud or financial abuse or put an end to such practices;
  • as part of a survey.

The retention of personal information

Myriad Canada retains personal information for the period necessary to reach the objectives for which it has been collected or for duration required by law. When personal information is no longer necessary or useful for the stated ends or when it is no longer necessary to retain them in function of the relevant laws, Myriad Canada takes appropriate steps to remove, destroy, delete or merge them, or render them anonymous. We apply reasonable business methods to ensure that we possess the appropriate control mechanisms, timeframes and practices required for the retention and destruction of personal information and files that relate to you.

Personal information is only retained for the necessary period to reach the objectives stated in this policy and for the duration required by law. Myriad Canada has established time limits that our personnel must respect, and we regularly review our needs regarding information retention.


Myriad Canada makes all reasonable effort to keep personal information that is as accurate, complete and up-to-date as possible to fulfill the purposes for which the information is to be used..

We rely on our donors, fundraisers, event participants and partners to provide us with accurate information and to notify us if their information needs to be updated.


Myriad Canada takes reasonable measures to ensure that personal information is kept safe from loss or theft, as well as any unauthorised consultation, communication, copy, use or modification. Myriad Canada protects personal information through the use of security installations and tools and practices that are in line with security sector norms.

All transactions made via our website are conducted via a secure, confidential and safe system that ensures the protection of personal information provided online by our donors.


The complete version of our most recent Statement regarding confidentiality is available on our website.


Personal information files are kept in our offices or on our servers (or those of our service providers) and only authorized Myriad Canada staff and agents who need access of this information in carrying out their duties have access to them.

In order to have access to his/her personal information, a person must make a written request to Myriad Canada. Such a request must provide sufficient details to enable Myriad Canada to respond adequately and effectively.

The right to access personal information is subject to certain legal restrictions and we make every reasonable effort to verify the identity of any individual before providing such access.

Myriad Canada responds in a timely manner and in accordance with the relevant legislation.


Myriad Canada responds to any complaint or question relating to Myriad Canada’s compliance with the principles set out in the present policy. The handling of complaints, which must be set out in writing, is conducted within a reasonable delay.

Myriad Canada has set up procedures for handling concerns and complaints regarding the management of personal information, for investigating them and providing answers and follow-up. In keeping with these procedures, corrective measures are adopted to solve the problem, notably, if necessary, by modifying Myriad Canada’s policies and procedures.


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