Support for philanthropists

The Centre for Philanthropy

As a philanthropist, you are looking for a cause that’s dear to your heart, a charitable project that closely matches your own passion, ambition, expertise, and life story. Every philanthropist is different, which is why our Centre for Philanthropy will work out a tailor-made approach for you.

Philanthropy is a specialty unto itself. Our philanthropy advisors will help you to clarify your wishes, plan projects, manage budgets, and assess the impacts. With access to a vast network and extensive practical expertise, Myriad Canada can also guide you through the legal, tax, and administrative aspects of the project. From our position as independent, pragmatic advisors, we can help you to achieve your philanthropic objective.

It’s up to you to decide whether and to what extent you want to be involved. Do you want to play an active part in selecting charitable projects and see who is benefiting from the money you donate? We make it possible for you to do just that.

These can be projects everywhere in the world, in a number of different charitable fields: poverty alleviation, advancement of education, scientific research, health, the arts, protection of the environment, etc.

Since Myriad Canada is a registered charitable organization in Canada pursuant to the Income Tax Act (Canada), donors can obtain official receipts for their donations and claim the income tax benefit to which they are entitled under Canadian law.

Payments that provide the donor with a personal benefit (such as membership fees, journal subscriptions and other goods and services) are not considered to be charitable donations, and in this case no official donation receipts for income tax purposes will be issued.

We’re here to help you in your philanthropic actions, driven by the ambition to make a maximum societal impact.

Our commitments

  • Focus on direct outcomes;
  • Control over the use of funds and charitable activities;
  • Cap on management fees: at least 95% of donations allocated directly to the charitable activities;
  • Speed and flexibility.

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