Providing free treatments at the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon

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The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) is a regional reference center pioneering in the treatment of children with cancer, with an amazing average cure rate of 80%.

Because “no child should die in the dawn of life” (Danny Thomas) is what inspires the commitment to treat all children with cancer in Lebanon free of charge, with no cost at all to their parents.

Patients range in age from just a few months to 18 years. All patients are accepted for diagnosis and support of their treatment without discrimination

Working with 20 NGOs, 76 health centers in Lebanon and throughout the region and affiliated with St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the United States ensures maximum impact in spreading awareness and education about the disease as well as ensuring optimal methods for regional and global cancer control.


Treat all children, from the age of 1 day to 18 years with cancer in Lebanon and the region – without discrimination and with no cost to their parents.


Support all children with cancer and their families, to provide:

  • Access to the latest treatment regardless the parents’ ability to pay;
  • Excellent psycho-social services to help fight the disease;
  • Education to create better understanding and awareness of the disease.

Myriad Canada is working with Children’s Cancer Centre of Lebanon on this project, a non-profit that strives to provide access to free treatment and care to all children with cancer in Lebanon and the region, without any discrimination.

Myriad Canada’s role is to carry out charitable activities across the globe in accordance with its charitable purposes. We control and monitor the use of funds and the progress of charitable activities to ensure that donations made to Myriad Canada have the greatest impact in accordance with donors’ expressed wishes. As a member of the Myriad Alliance with offices in Canada, the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, Myriad Canada has a vast international network and extensive practical expertise.

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