Empowering Through Education: Myriad Canada’s Partnership with the Cape Town Holocaust and Genocide Centre

12 June 2024

In South Africa, the Cape Town Holocaust and Genocide Centre (CTHGC) is making a profound impact by educating communities about the atrocities of the past and fostering a culture of tolerance and human rights. Their mission to use history as a tool for education and change has found a crucial partner in Myriad Canada, amplifying their reach and influence.

Myriad Canada is proud to support the CTHGC’s educational initiatives through its Holocaust and Genocide Education Fund. Thanks to the support of Canadian donors, the Centre hopes to reach more schools and communities than ever before.







Learning From the Past

The CTHGC is dedicated to remembering the victims of the Holocaust and other genocides while educating about the dangers of hatred and bigotry. The programs are designed to reach diverse audiences, from school children to community leaders, ensuring that the lessons of the past are not forgotten.

A recent initiative focuses on expanding educational outreach, bringing critical lessons on human rights and tolerance to school-children and their teachers across South Africa. This program is essential in a country still grappling with the legacies of apartheid and ongoing social inequalities.

The impact of the CTHGC’s programs is evident in the lives changed through education. Students who participate in the CTHGC programs gain a deeper understanding of history, human rights, and their role in building a more just society. These educational efforts are crucial in preventing future atrocities by fostering a culture of empathy and respect.

Shared Vision

The collaboration between Myriad Canada and the Cape Town Holocaust and Genocide Centre is a testament to the power of education in driving social change and exemplifies the incredible impact that can be achieved when organizations unite with a shared vision of a better world.

Your support is making a difference—thank you for being part of this vital mission!

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