Understanding Our Past to Shape Our Future at the Cape Town Holocaust & Genocide Centre

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In post-apartheid South Africa, where significant socio-economic disparities persist alongside challenges in infrastructure and teacher training, the importance of Holocaust and Genocide education cannot be overstated. The nation’s history of apartheid, characterized by institutionalized racial segregation and discrimination, underscores the pressing need to foster an understanding of the consequences of prejudice, hatred, and intolerance, particularly among the younger generation.

Holocaust education serves as a powerful tool to confront these deeply ingrained issues, promoting empathy, tolerance, and respect for human dignity. Educating about the Holocaust and other genocides can help South Africans combat the spread of hateful ideologies and foster a society grounded in inclusivity and human rights.

Empowering students to recognize injustice, stand up against prejudice and become agents of positive change in their communities will play a fundamental role in shaping the moral compasses of future generations.

In a country facing myriad challenges, Holocaust and Genocide education offer a beacon of hope—a pathway towards building a brighter future founded on the principles of remembrance, understanding, and empathy.


Foster deeper understanding of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides amongst South Africans.


To achieve the project goals, several activities will be implemented:

  • Teacher Workshops: Organizing workshops and seminars specifically tailored to South African teachers, providing them with comprehensive education on the Holocaust and subsequent genocides. These workshops will include lectures, discussions, and interactive sessions led by experts in the field.
  • Student Outreach Programs: Implementing student outreach programs to encourage school visits to the Centre. These programs may include guided tours, interactive exhibits, and educational workshops designed to engage students and deepen their understanding of the historical events.
  • Community Engagement Events: Hosting community engagement events, such as public lectures, film screenings, and panel discussions, to raise awareness and foster dialogue on Holocaust and genocide education.

These events will be open to the local population of Cape Town, as well as visitors from other parts of South Africa and beyond.


Myriad Canada is working with the Cape Town Holocaust & Genocide Centre on this project, a nonprofit that serves as a place of commemoration for the Jews who were killed in the Holocaust (the Shoah) and all victims of Nazi Germany and victims of all genocides in the 20th century; and educates about the consequences of prejudice and hate speech so as to prevent the recurrence of mass atrocities and genocide in all its forms.

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