The people of Pakistan still need you.

28 September 2022

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The devastating floods that have left over 1/3 of Pakistan under water have impacted over 33 million people. Of that number, about one-half – some 15 million – are children. Nearly 6.5 million people are in dire need of humanitarian aid.

It is hard to imagine 33 million people. Try to visualize a disaster that would impact every single Canadian; that would impact twice the number of Canada’s children; and would render the equivalent of the entire population of the Greater Toronto Area homeless, impoverished, hungry and at great risk of disease.

Even if the flooding recedes soon, Pakistan faces a long and difficult road to recovery.

Here are some numbers:

  • Millions of Pakistanis have no access to health-care and medical treatment.
  • More than 1 million homes have been damaged or destroyed.
  • Over 5,000 kilometers of roads and dozens of bridges have been damaged.
  • Nearly 18,000 schools have been damaged or completely destroyed – this after two years of Covid-related closures and an ongoing education emergency with nearly 3 million children not attending school.
  • Nearly one-quarter of this year’s harvest has been lost, which will result in years of food insecurity.
  • One-quarter of the cotton crop been washed away and 45% of the cotton output has been destroyed. Billions of dollars will need to be spent to import the raw material for its textile industry its most important foreign exchange earner.

The most severely impacted areas in Pakistan were already facing high levels of poverty, impaired growth and development among children and some of the worst health statistics in the world. And in all impacted areas, the lack of shelter, clean drinking water and basic hygiene facilities are already resulting in the spread of serious diseases.

Myriad Canada is working with trusted non-profit organizations in Canada, Pakistan and the United States to implement projects and respond to the flooding catastrophe as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As Antonio Guterres said: “Pakistan suffers —yet has done almost nothing to contribute to climate change. I urge countries to generously support the humanitarian response, recovery and reconstruction”.

We urge you to please support Myriad Canada’s Pakistan Emergency Relief Fund.

Thank you.


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