Dr. Denis Mukwege and the Panzi Hospital

15 April 2021

Providing Support to Female Victims of Sexual Violence and their Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo


A History of Compassion

Growing up in the rural hills of Congo, Dr. Denis Mukwege often accompanied his father, a pastor, to comfort the sick and dying. Many of these were labouring mothers who had nowhere to safely deliver their babies. This experience changed his life; he founded the Panzi Hospital in 1999 with the intention of saving women’s lives and giving their children the chance to thrive.

But the war changed everything.

Dr. Denis Mukwege

Rebuilding Lives

 The first woman to arrive at the Panzi Hospital was not a mother in labour. She was a rape victim who had been shot in her genitals. Unfortunately, the brutality did not stop there. It got worse.

For over 20 years, Panzi has become a leading treatment center for survivors of sexual violence in conflict. More than 85,000 women suffering from rape or birth-related complications have been treated there, where their lives are not only saved but, with expert care, are also rebuilt.

In addition to treating victims of conflict, Panzi’s wide-ranging services ensure that every patient who seeks care receives the treatment they need. In addition to delivering more than 3,500 babies annually with a 99.1% live-birth rate (an incredible achievement in a country with one of the worst mortality rates in the world), Panzi is also a general hospital for nearly half a million people, treating everything from broken bones to cancer.

The Panzi Hospital is more than just a regional hospital; it is a centre of excellence in medicine. With 450 beds and 42 doctors, over 50,000 women survivors of sexual violence and over 40,000 women with gynecological pathologies have been treated and cared for.

Proud Partnership – Supported by Canadians Like You

The King Baudouin Foundation has been working for many years with Dr. Denis Mukwege, gynecologist, Director of the Panzi Hospital, Nobel Laureate and recipient of the King Baudouin International Development Prize.

In 2020, with support from Canadian donors, Myriad Canada helped train two physicians to perform surgeries on female victims of sexual violence as well as donate beds for patients and medical equipment.

Myriad Canada is absolutely delighted to be partnering with the Panzi Foundation and Dr. Denis Mukwege.