Investing in Cancer Research: The Lundin Cancer Fund at Myriad Canada

8 June 2023

Jack and William Lundin at the summit of Mount Everest – to raise funds for cancer research. (Credit: Project No Limit)

The Lundin Cancer Fund at Myriad Canada was created in honour and memory of Mr. Lukas Lundin, who passed away in 2022 from glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer. The entrepreneurial head of the Lundin Group of Companies – a leading force in the mining and gas industries – Lundin was always passionate about the resource industry and its power to transform lives.

During the course of his illness, he recognized that there was a considerable lack of awareness, treatments and research funding for various types of cancers, particularly brain cancers. He and his family became committed to changing that.

Driven by this commitment, Lundin’s four sons, Harry, Adam, Jack and William contacted Myriad Canada to set up the Fund. With donors and supporters around the world, working with KBF and the Myriad Alliance for Borderless Giving was a natural fit, and Lundin Cancer Funds were opened in Canada, the United States and Europe.

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