Holiday Greetings from Myriad Canada

16 December 2021

2021 certainly came in with a roar. The insurrection in Washington; the despair in Afghanistan; the millions of deaths from Covid; floods, forest fires and other not-so-natural disasters…

All these and more are etched on our collective memories, and in many ways point to how broken our world can feel. And yet, in spite of so many challenges, our collective humanity continues to showcase resilience. We grow, adapt, improvise and overcome endless ebbs and flows, forever striving to flourish in this complex world.

This past year, Canadians continued to demonstrate their commitment to making the world a better place. Your donations to Myriad Canada have helped support life-changing projects all over the world. From earthquake relief in Haiti, to Covid-19 emergency relief in India, to life-saving medical research – your generosity to the causes you care most about is nothing short of remarkable.

Myriad Canada is proud to work with outstanding organizations across the globe who are implementing these projects on the ground. We are very excited to introduce some of them to you.

From all of us at Myriad Canada – and from our extended family of partners – we thank you for your wonderful generosity and wish you a truly joyous, healthy and peaceful holiday season and new year.

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