Forest Whitaker interview

20 July 2023

In a video address to Be Philanthropy 2023, at which the King Baudouin Foundation brought together more than 1,100 leading figures in Belgian and European philanthropy on 27 April, actor Forest Whitaker explained his vision of a world where every person can be a philanthropist and help build a better society.

With a deep-rooted desire to help others and a wealth of experiences, ranging from growing up in the troubled neighborhoods of Los Angeles to encountering former child soldiers in Uganda while filming his Oscar-winning role in The Last King of Scotland, Whitaker shared his unwavering enthusiasm since establishing the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative over the past decade. This initiative is centered on empowering young people to not only improve their own lives but also to actively contribute to fostering peace and prosperity within their communities.

To watch the video, click the link.