2022: When We Are United, We Are Truly Unstoppable

12 December 2022

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Another year is drawing to a close, giving way to a new one full of possibilities and hope.

2022 was not without challenges. The Russian invasion of Ukraine; catastrophic floods in Pakistan; prohibitive inflation rates and supply chain issues; serious food shortages and the threat of famine; tragedy befalling women in Afghanistan; the displacement of countless millions due to conflict and other disasters…Some days it’s not that easy to face reality.

But time and again, Canadians stepped up and showed their support for those who needed a helping hand. Thanks to your generosity, Myriad Canada has been able to help Ukrainians fleeing the war; provide Covid-19 vaccines to people in lower-income countries; support cutting-edge research on rare forms of cancer; provide reproductive health services to women in Burkina Faso and Madagascar; support the delivery of primary health care to small communities in Northern Syria…and the list truly goes on and on.

Your commitment to making our world a better place means that Myriad Canada has over 120 outstanding and life-changing charitable funds and projects in over 40 countries around the world – all made possible thanks to you.

From everyone at Myriad Canada and on behalf of all of KBF’s partners and beneficiaries around the world: we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

All the very best for the holidays and for 2023.

  Watch our annual holiday video!