Empowering Haitians through Vocational Training with Lakou

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Haiti is a country rich with culture, capable individuals, and communities. Because of Haiti’s complex history, the vast majority of Haitians do not have the opportunities or resources to live out their dreams, let alone provide for their basic needs. Vocational training, especially in commercial construction, presents an invaluable solution to many of these issues.


Empowering Haitians by creating opportunities to uplift their socio-economic status through vocational training and job creation.


Activities may include:

  • Develop and update comprehensive training modules;
  • Offer hands-on workshops for trainees;
  • Provide support to the training participants.


Myriad Canada is working with Lakou on this project, an American nonprofit which provides education in construction trades and related areas, education to young adults and adults as well as general education specially designed to meet their physical, social and psychological needs, and to promote their health, security, happiness, with an initial location in Haiti.

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