VINCI Canada Fund – Call for projects

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Structural support for associations working in the field of social and professional integration in Canada.

The VINCI Canada Fund was created thanks to donations from businesses that are part of the VINCI group in Canada.

Objectives of this call for projects

This fund encourages two types of initiatives:

– those that fight all forms of exclusion, in an effort to give everyone a place, a role and dignity in our society;
– and those engaged in professional integration, as well as training and qualifications for people in situations of exclusion and the provision of means enabling people to be mobile (which are often indispensable conditions for finding and keeping a job).

The VINCI Canada Fund provides structural and sustainable support for organizations that pursue these objectives.

The support

The support provided is in the form of mentoring by collaborators working in businesses that are part of the VINCI group in Canada, accompanied by financial support.

o The financial support

A maximum amount of $ 20,000 will be provided per individual project.
The total amount of support available for this call for projects is approximately $130,000.

o The mentors

The mentors make their professional experience and skills available to the organizations supported. The mentoring can take various forms:

  • Participation in the life of the association through volunteering, help for people with difficulties etc.;
  • Bringing management expertise to the association (regarding accountancy, strategy, communication, human resources etc.) and technical help (building or repair work, security, legal aspects etc.).
  • Provision of advice to people in difficulty regarding career choices and discovering various business sectors (through CV workshops, mock interviews, site visits, etc.).

This is how the VINCI Fund hopes to strengthen project sustainability and the activities of the associations supported.

Eligibility criteria

The association must be a charitable organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Selection criteria for the project

Support will be considered based on the following criteria:

– the potential of societal impact in the project;
– the added value specifically brought by the Fund to the organization and its beneficiaries;
– the appropriateness of the (human and financial) support in relation to the stated objectives.

Partnership progress

If financial support is approved for the project, a support agreement is signed between the project leader and Myriad Canada on behalf of the VINCI Canada Fund.

Myriad Canada monitors the implementation of the project in accordance with the terms of the support agreement.

When should application forms be submitted?

Call for projects launched: January 30, 2024
Closing date for submissions: April 30, 2024
Announcement of the selected projects : End of June 2024

How to apply for support?

Download the application form here. Please complete the application and send it to


For further information, please contact:
Julie Chaillou
Project Assistant, Myriad Canada