Supporting health and social improvements in rural communities (Uganda)

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Due to their remote location, rural communities in the Kasese district, Uganda, have very limited access to healthcare, educational facilities and business opportunities, which seriously deteriorates the standard of living of this population. In Kyondo sub-county, for example, one household in ten has an educated member, and one household in more than 15 has an employed member. Recent research also indicates that 80% of Kasese’s inhabitants live below the poverty line.


Support rural communities in the Kasese district, especially the most vulnerable groups and families, by :

  • Promoting health and hygiene education,
  • Supporting access to affordable medical services ;
  • Participating in the fight against illiteracy ;
  • Encouraging income-generating activities among individuals and families.


  • Organize periodic mobile clinics, health camps, and health and hygiene campaigns ;
  • Establish a temporary medical centre, and in the longer term, purchase land to establish a permanent health facility ;
  • Provide scholarships for disadvantaged children, educational material, and educational support services ;
  • Implement income generating projects for community groups.

Key Performance Indicators to be reached (KPIs)

  • Families with access to quality health services ;
  • 100 vulnerable children enrolled in school ; and at least every family with an educated member within 10 years to come to reduce illiteracy ;
  • Families participating in socio-economic activities.


MYRIAD CANADA is working with Adorn Life Initiative on this project, a community-based organization dedicated to promote life changing programs that directly impact family life, communities, children, women and youth to make them pioneers of health and social positive change in Kyondo sub county, Kasese district, Uganda.

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