Solar Panels for Seniors in Lebanon

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Saint Peter Elderly Centre is part of the St. Vincent de Paul network and works to provide the elderly with a pleasant and comfortable stay, never compromising on the quality and consistency of its services and offerings.

Established in 2008, the 6-storey centre is located in Chahtoul – Keserwan, 50km from Beirut and has a total capacity of 104 residents. The centre is managed and serviced by a team of 38 professionals dedicated to the daily life, health, psychological, and even spiritual needs of the residents.

However, since the onset of the economic crisis in Lebanon and the rapid depreciation of the Lebanese currency, many people who previously would have had sufficient financial means are now living in or facing poverty. They and their families are increasingly unable to afford the costs of living in senior residences.

Lebanon is also grappling with a crippling energy crisis resulting in erratic power supplies that have put hospitals and essential services, including St Peter Elderly Centre, in crisis mode. Blackouts that used to last for three to six hours could now leave entire areas with no more than two hours of state power a day. Reliable electrical power is a vital necessity for this population as many suffer from various illnesses (respiratory distress, heart failure, etc.).

As a result, there has been an explosion in interest in alternative energy, and thousands of people and institutions are now turning to solar power for independence from an unreliable power grid. In a country that sees about 300 days of sun per year, the centre has been working on a technical study to secure stable off-grid electricity, through a full Photovoltaic Solar System, including photovoltaic solar panels, ion batteries, and solar inverters to give staff and residents security and peace of mind. 

Goals & Activities

The goal of the project is to help disadvantaged senior citizens in Lebanon cope with increasingly hard living conditions by installing solar panels to supplement the unreliable electrical grid.

The project will provide electricity to the St. Peter Elderly Centre, ensuring the safety and comfort of the senior residents as well as ensure adequate refrigeration of food.

The installation of the solar panels will also reduce the cost of electricity, freeing up financial resources for other expenses; ensure the sustainability of the centre and the jobs of the staff; and reduce pollution by using renewable energy. Activities will include installation of cables, inverters, panels, etc.

Key Key Performance Indicators to be reached (KPIs)

Consistent and reliable 24-hour electrical power, securing vital medical equipment and food.

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