Preventing Child Trafficking and Exploitation in Thailand

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It has been estimated that 60,000 children in Thailand are exploited every year in the sex industry, and in the span of one year, an estimated 9%, or 400,000 youths, were victims of online sexual exploitation and abuse. This kind of abuse can be prevented by identifying children who are most at risk and protect them from becoming trafficked or exploited by tackling the root causes that put them at risk. The root causes include poverty, lack of education, a family history of becoming victims of trafficking, and other factors like statelessness that make it difficult for people to earn income or participate meaningfully in society and thus push them into the sex trade to survive. Children become especially vulnerable when the sex trade seems the only viable way for them to support their families.


Provide financial and educational support to children and their families to decrease the risk of child trafficking in Thailand.


Activities may include:

  • Providing scholarships to at-risk students to ensure they can afford to continue their education and stay safe from trafficking and exploitation.
  • Mentoring and counseling children at-risk to guide them through challenging times and provide the necessary emotional support to stay on the path to their dreams.
  • Providing access to educational and extracurricular resources.
  • Increasing the knowledge and awareness of at-risk children and their families regarding human trafficking and their fundamental rights.

Myriad Canada is working with The Freedom Story on this project, an American and Thai registered nonprofit whose primary purpose is to educate, encourage action, assist, and bring about comprehensive public interest towards preventing child sex trafficking and prostitution. Since 2008, they’ve provided scholarships, mentorship, and resources to 450 vulnerable children, and they’ve reached more than 25,000 youth and community members to raise awareness about trafficking and exploitation. Their aim is to keep at-risk children safe from traffickers and exploiters, helping these children overcome risk and thrive.

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