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A Message from Myriad Canada

We were heartbroken to learn of the tragic news from our esteemed friends at World Central Kitchen that seven of their aid workers were killed in Gaza.

This loss is felt deeply by all of us at Myriad Canada, as over the past several years, we have worked closely with WCK in Gaza, Ukraine, Haiti and the USA – delivering hope and aid amidst despair and developing strong connections with their incredible team

The crisis in Gaza is severe, with the majority facing acute food insecurity and the shadow of famine looming large. Despite this tragedy, we are inspired to continue our mission with even greater determination, honoring the legacy of those who dedicate their lives to serving humanity.

As of right now, World Central Kitchen has suspended their operations in Gaza. While their team regroups and figures out their next steps, we urge you to continue to support ongoing efforts to provide desperately needed aid – wherever it is most required.

Your generosity fuels hope and sustains life in the darkest times.

Together, we can make a difference. Please donate now.

Gaza Humanitarian Aid Fund with World Central Kitchen

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has created a tragic and volatile situation for the civilian population of Gaza. More than ¾ of the population of 2.2 million has been displaced with 1 million+  crammed into Rafah – a tiny sliver of land with a population that is now five times larger than it was before the war (Source: UNFPA). Much of the territory is in ruins. Lack of access to water and sanitation is posing a serious health threat. The health system is nearly collapsing and hospitals are completely overwhelmed. Over 32,000 have been reported killed and nearly 75,000 injured – most of them women and children.

The entire population is affected by hunger and living through what U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken described as “severe levels of acute food insecurity.” According to the World Health Organization, famine in Gaza is imminent: “The situation in Gaza is catastrophic, with northern Gaza facing imminent famine and the rest of the Strip at risk as well…Over a million people are expected to face catastrophic hunger unless significantly more food is allowed to enter Gaza.” (Source: WHO Statement, March 18, 2024)

The rapidly evolving nature of the situation on the ground requires a responsive and agile response. Funds raised are being used by Myriad Canada to implement  urgent humanitarian relief projects with the help of our trusted, long-time partner World Central Kitchen, by swiftly responding to the most pressing needs on the ground.

World Central Kitchen has been on the ground since the first days of this conflict. All current efforts are now focused on Gaza, where their exceptionally innovative Procurement and Logistics team in Cairo, Egypt is working diligently to fuel this monumental and continuous supply chain of humanitarian aid into Gaza:

  • More than 39 million meals have been served;
  • Over 1,400 trucks have been dispatched across the Rafah Crossing, filled with food, water, fuel, kitchen equipment, mattresses, and blankets—an equivalent of over 16 million pounds of food;
  • More than 60 community kitchens were opened across Gaza;
  • Opened a field kitchen in Rafah, which prepares over 40,000 meals per day;
  • Delivered 500 pallets of humanitarian aid into Northern Gaza in their first ever airdrop, in collaboration with the Jordanian Royal Air Force and the Royal Netherlands Air Force (watch video footage and here);
  • Working to provide an additional 4.7 million meals during Ramadan by providing nearly 100,000 food kits – each containing 51 meals;
  • Through Operation Safeena, almost 200 tons of food were delivered by boat to communities in northern Gaza in WCK’s first maritime aid shipment. WCK founder José Andras hopes to eventually provide “huge quantities of food daily into the shores of Gaza” (watch video footage and here)


“The power of collective action, guided by compassion, solidarity and empathy, moves us towards humanity….Please…keep bringing hope to the hearts in Gaza.”

-Chef José Andres, Founder, World Central Kitchen


As per standard procedure, World Central Kitchen wrapped up its 3-month humanitarian aid mission in Israel once confident that those they had supported were under the care of other local organizations.Efforts were focused on serving families who had voluntarily evacuated from areas near the borders and did not qualify for the government assistance available to those who were mandatorily evacuated, as well as on individuals working or staying in healthcare facilities. Through a strong network of local restaurants and catering partners, thousands of Israelis were supported. In an effort to provide sustenance and a sense of normalcy amid the chaos, over 621,000 nourishing meals were served across the country.

Myriad Canada believes that our humanity shines brightest when a helping hand is extended to all in need. Every individual, every family, every community caught in the turmoil of violence deserves support, care, and a chance to rebuild. Together, let’s embrace our shared humanity and make a difference, one act of kindness at a time.

We are committed to transparency and the integrity of our donors and will regularly update this page on how and where your donations are being used.

Myriad Canada’s role is to carry out charitable activities across the globe in accordance with its charitable purposes. We control and monitor the use of funds and the progress of charitable activities to ensure that donations made to Myriad Canada have the greatest impact in accordance with donors’ expressed wishes. As a member of the Myriad Alliance with offices in Canada, the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, Myriad Canada has a vast international network and extensive practical expertise.

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