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In Mexico, familial devotion to elder care is a deep-rooted tradition; most families strive diligently to support their senior members. However, challenges arise when resources are limited. For instance, in households where all adults are employed full-time, there may be no one available to care for elderly relatives during the day. Additionally, as in many cultures worldwide, some seniors unfortunately may become victims of abuse.

In the state of Nayarit, the absence of non-profit long-term care (LTC) homes exacerbates these challenges. The existing for-profit senior care facilities often charge fees that are unaffordable for many families. As Mexican society gradually moves away from traditional models of senior family support, the need for an alternative support system becomes increasingly evident.

The model seen in countries like Canada and the United States, which relies on LTC homes, is becoming necessary in Mexico to ensure seniors receive the care and support they need. Although there is a pension system for seniors in Mexico, accessing it can be problematic. Eligibility often requires documentation that many seniors do not have or find difficult to obtain, further complicating their ability to receive adequate support.


The goal of this project is to enhance the quality of life for seniors in Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico, by providing comprehensive care and support through senior housing, day care services, and professional staffing. The project aims to ensure regulatory compliance and facility safety, manage the facility efficiently and cost-effectively, and create a financially sustainable environment for the residents of Casa de la Paz.


Presently, all funds are to be used to complete and furnish the home. Upon occupancy, funds will be used to aid impoverished Mexican seniors who have no pensions and enhance the lives of more fortunate seniors. The home will also enable family members to utilize the senior day care center, allowing them to work and become eligible for a pension at retirement.

Overall, the activities funded by this project will focus on the following:

  1. Senior Housing and Care: Providing comprehensive care and housing at low or no cost for 26 Mexican seniors and 10 expatriate seniors, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment.
  2. Senior Day Care Services: Operating a Senior Day Care capable of serving up to 30 seniors, offered at cost to ensure accessibility and provide a supportive community space.
  3. Regulatory Compliance and Facility Safety: Securing licensure as a Senior Care Facility, ensuring that Casa de la Paz meets all regulatory standards, including fire safety and building codes.
  4. Professional Staffing: Hiring and training professional staff equipped with the necessary skills to provide high-quality care to elderly residents, including medical and care staff, kitchen staff, and cleaning/maintenance staff.

Impacts to be reached

  • Provide housing and comprehensive care for 26 Mexican seniors by September 1, 2024.
  • Enroll 10 expatriate seniors as residents by September 1, 2024.
  • Offer day care services to 30 seniors, gradually increasing the number of participants by 5 every 6 months until full capacity is reached.


MYRIAD CANADA is working with Bucerias Tercera Edad A.C. on this project, a community-based organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of life of Mexico’s most vulnerable citizens while enabling them to retain their dignity.

Over the past decade, Tercera Edad has significantly impacted the lives of hundreds of vulnerable Mexican seniors in the Bucerias community through various support initiatives. These include the provision of dispensa deliveries, mobility aid donations, seasonal and health aid, in-kind donations, emergency relief efforts, and community collaboration. The organization’s efforts aim to support the betterment of seniors, ensuring that the most dire individuals receive social assistance to the best of their ability.

MYRIAD CANADA’s role is to carry out charitable activities across the globe in accordance with its charitable purposes. We control and monitor the use of funds and the progress of charitable activities to ensure that donations made to MYRIAD CANADA have the greatest impact in accordance with donors’ expressed wishes. As a member of the Myriad Alliance with offices in Canada, the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, MYRIAD CANADA has a vast international network and extensive practical expertise.

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