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The exhibition « Jean Paul Riopelle – Essence of studios » that took place at the Maeght Foundation in 2023, as part of the centenary of the birth of this Quebecer artist, was a great success. In this context, the future objectives are the following:

  • Highlight Riopelle’s artwork in the permanent space of the Maeght Foundation dedicated to its Collection (inauguration of new exhibition rooms in end-June 2024).
  • Highlight Riopelle’s artwork in the Maeght Foundation’s exhibitions.
  • Highlight Riopelle’s artwork by leasing some of his art pieces to other museums organizing exhibitions.
  • Highlight Riopelle’s artwork by presenting his work in the Maeght Foundation’s publications (brochures, special editions, press visuals on the Collection).

These objectives are to showcase Riopelle’s artwork while integrating it into a more global vision of art, art movements, and helping a large public discover/re-discover modern and contemporary art, in particular in the gardens and in the new permanent exhibition rooms which will be inaugurated in summer 2024.

A new extension at the Maeght Foundation, embodied by the architect Silvio D’Ascia, will allow to have a temporary exhibition as well as permanent collections (reference for visitors and scholar groups throughout the year) and all will be sufficiently showcased inside the building.

Myriad Canada is working with the Maeght Foundation on this project, for the dissemination of Riopelle’s artwork as well as for the implementation of new exhibition rooms dedicated to its Collection in which Riopelle will be well represented.

The Maeght Foundation is a French non-profit organisation with more than half a century of experience and artistic heritage. It has for mission to receive, restore, acquire, and present to the public artwork, and all other expressions of contemporary artistic creation and all research related to it.

On its opening in 1964, the Maeght Foundation prefigured the modern concept of a cultural centre by organising exhibitions, dance events, concerts and works of theatre.

The Maeght Foundation is home to one of the largest collections of modern and contemporary art in Europe: Bonnard, Braque, Calder, Chagall, Giacometti, Kandinsky, Hepworth, Léger, Miró, Tal Coat, Richier, Ubac, Bergman, Chillida, Christo, Garouste, Kelly, Mitchell, Takis, Tàpies, Baya, Lee Bae, …

Since its creation, more than 150 exhibitions were organised by the Maeght Foundation, providing access to art and culture to a diverse audience. In 2024, the Maeght Foundation will celebrate its 60th anniversary with:

  • The exhibition “Amitiés, Bonnard-Matisse pour les 60 ans de la Fondation Maeght” – Summer 2024,
  • A selection of masterpieces from its permanent Collection in the new exhibition rooms (including Riopelle) – Summer 2024,
  • A month of celebration for the 60th anniversary (concerts, danse, films, readings) from June 28 (Opening season gala) to July 28 (anniversary date).

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