Building classrooms of hope from recycled plastic waste in South East Asia

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According to the latest UNESCO reports, “the global number of out-of-school children has risen by 6 million since 2021, and now stands at 250 million”. Children living in developing countries are particularly hard hit by this situation. Indonesia, for example, faces 90% of the world’s earthquakes given its geographical location. In 2018, devastating earthquakes struck Lombok, Indonesia, killing over 500 people, injuring hundreds, and displacing thousands. Over 400 schools were destroyed, leaving students in temporary shelters.

In addition to the global education crisis, the environmental crisis is particularly acute today, prompting us to implement innovative solutions to make a real impact on children’s lives and ensure them a better future, while taking into account the well-being of our planet.


Give children access to quality education and safe learning environments, while working for a cleaner planet.


Building sustainable schools using recycled plastic waste in South East Asia (Indonesia, Cambodia).

MYRIAD CANADA is working with Classroom of Hope on this project, a nonprofit Australian organization that constructs earthquake-resistant, sustainable schools using upcycled materials in developing nations to provide children with access to quality education. To do so, they partner with inspiring best-practice local NGOs in each country to implement solutions that empower the local communities to create change. In 2022-2023, Classroom of Hope served 3365 children, by developing 14 schools and 42 classrooms and recycling 35 tones of plastic. Since 2012, Classroom of Hope has developed 109 schools and supported over 30,000 students.

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